Vocal Roots offers a variety of courses suited for all. Vocal care is an ongoing journey, no different from physical exercise. Through the Vocal Roots Holistic Approach, my goal is to provide you with tools to enhance your relationship with your own voice. 


The roots: 101 

Our signature Roots 101 course addresses all aspects of vocal function.

Part 1

Understanding Our Voice

Power (Respiration: understanding our breath cycle), Source (Phonation: how we make sound), Filter (Articulation: how we shape sound), Social Strategies (preserving your voice in loud settings and alternative communication tactics)

Part 2

Let's Get Physical: Self-Care

Vocal massages, warm-up speaking exercises, physical stretches, Nutrition (how the foods we eat affect our voice quality), Professional care (who to see if there's a problem)


high intensity voice users

Does your profession require you to speak for long periods of time?

This course is tailored towards individuals whose professions are vocally demanding.

In addition to the topics discussed in the Roots 101, this format also addresses: vocal pacing and rest strategies, alternative communication techniques, and if possible, microphone amplification

Vocally Demanding Professions may include (not limited to):

  • Educators, politicians, lawyers
  • Fitness instructors, coaches 
  • Vocalists, voice-over actors, actors
  • Bartenders, servers
  • Social butterflies! 

private or small group sessions

Interested in a course tailored to you? I'm available for private or small group sessions. 

Feel free to reach out for pricing and package rates.